COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong held a special training on integrity education

Oct 17, 2019

In order to further enhance corporate incorruptible management, promote the construction of a clean and honest business culture, ensure the healthy development of enterprises and comply with the rules of listed companies, on October 15th, COSCO SHIPPING Hong Kong/COSCO SHIPPING International Hong Kong held a special training seminar on integrity education, which is given by Mr. Qu Weiyang, the Senior Director of the Integrity Education of Independent Commission Against Corruption the Hong Kong West/Islands Office.

This lecture is another special lecture after November 6th last year. This lecture was strongly supported by various units of COSCO SHIPPING in Hong Kong. It is the largest integrity education organized by the company in Hong Kong in recent years.

Through this lecture, participants will have a deeper understanding of the role of corporate executives, the importance of business ethics, common risks of integrity, the relevant provisions of the Prevention of Bribery Regulations, and the integrity issues that may be encountered in daily business operations. The lectures are rich in content and close to reality. They are very instructive for better adherence to the Prevention of Bribery Regulations and Listing Rules, and have played a positive role in the healthy development of enterprises and the healthy growth of individuals.
Mr.Zhou, Liliang, the Vice President of COSCO SHIPPING in Hong Kong, Mr. Li, Xueqiang, Mr.Lin, Feng and Mr.Su,Yigang, Deputy General Manager of COSCO SHIPPING Financial Holdings, and nearly 150 people, which are middle and high-level managers, key business positions and business backbones of COSCO SHIPPING in Hong Kong attended the training.


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